Saturday, March 13, 2010

In Loving Memory of Heather Marchie, Angelina and Tubal Jr.

To my dear friend Heather:

By: Jessica Fernandez

My dearest friend Heather I love you so much

All our memories are still close to my heart

Our hugs were your most common touch

To all those you loved and cared so deeply about

You lived with your strong faith without ever a doubt

Your two little children were so sweet and kind

You were a good friend, daughter and mother combined

There is not a day that goes by that you are not on my mind

I sometimes wished more then anything that I wasn’t left behind

For these are just thoughts that have flowed through me in hard times

I just hope God doesn’t think of it as a crime

My heart was so broken because of the way you went

The anger within starts rising with so much anger and regret

If only I knew just how bad it could get

Just the thoughts in my head and the tears on my face have me wet

The thoughts in my head of what could have been;

form the tears on my face as I sit here and weep

You were so hopeful and calm when all things were wrong

But that never stopped you from staying so strong

But that never stopped you from moving along

Your guiding faith is what made you so strong

I miss your calming voice and that sweet natural scent

You’re clear green eyes and those light freckled cheeks

Why is this so painful? Is it because it’s only been a few weeks?

The thought of time passing without you around

I need to find a way to just calm myself down

The two-hour phone calls and play dates at the park

Our best memories are implanted forever in my heart

For there is nothing that would tear our sweet friendship apart

Even in death you are still a strong part of me

And will continue to be so for all of eternity

I love you my dear friend Heather

My sweet princess feather

For in my heart it’s believed I will see you again

I only have one special request for you until then

That when it is my time to go that you’ll come get me yourself

And take me to the new place we will both call home.

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